Fairlawn Community Center Building

A campaign to see the transformation of children and teens for the glory of God, on the hill!


We've reached our capacity for many of our Kidz ministries. The addition of the Fairlawn Community Center building will give us the opportunity to grow: 

  • More Kidz Club space 
  • Kidz Care 
  • Winter activities 
  • Larger fellowship area 
  • Mid-Week and Sunday classrooms 
  • Student gatherings/Club 180 
  • Children’s programs 
  • Indoor sports ministries 
  • Larger church events/concerts/ conferences 
  • Community needs 
  • Gymnasium 
  • Fellowship Hall 
  • Special worship services 
  • Others? What’s your dream?

Have more questions? Look at our FAQs to learn more.

Pastor's UPDATE (3/3/2022)

As I shared with you last weekend, we are finally seeing some hurdles cleared with the building project. A big one was the septic design and approvals, as well as needed upgrades to the existing system for this building. It looks like things will be moving along shortly! Things like the septic, playground, café, sports equipment,

seating, decorations, furniture, water supply, exterior landscaping, parking, etc. are all above and beyond the building cost. Financially, we are planning on paying half the building construction cost in cash and half via a loan from our Alliance Orchard Foundation. Your monthly gifts have made this Community Center possible!

Now we need to give this one more big push together by faith. We have to pay cash for the items mentioned above. And by God’s blessing and grace we’ll get there! Here are some ways you can help:

  • Continue with your monthly faith promises made in the past if you can. Thank you!
  • Join us if you’re new here by making what we call a “Faith Promise” for the next 12 months above and beyond your normal gifts to this ministry. Any regular amount is very appreciated.
  • Pray about doing a fund raiser for the building fund. God will give you ideas!
  • Participate in the upcoming Raise the Region on March 9th @6pm -March 11th @ 11:59pm.
  • Are you a business owner? You can participate in a unique program called N.A.P. which provides businesses including sole proprietorships and LLC’s a 75% tax credit on their donations of cash, materials, or labor to this project. To learn more or to participate please first contact our Treasurer, Dave Lanzer, at 570-506-1137 or dlanzer530@comcast.net

Let’s trust the Lord Together by FAITH…..and thank Him now!

TOTAL GIVING (5/23/2022):



If you’re interested in joining our Together By Faith Campaign to reach more children, teens and community members, there are several ways you can financially support us:

  • Cash, given as a one-time gift
  • Cash, through a financial commitment of up to 36 months
  • An increase to your weekly offering (by a specific amount credited toward the campaign)
  • Appreciated assets including closely held stock, mutual funds or property
  • Life insurance policies
  • Bequests
  • Life income plans such as annuities, remainder and lead trusts

Contact Pastor Steve Cutter to discuss your gift at 570-494-0414 or stevecfcc@gmail.com

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