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Messages are received by our Fairlawn Admin and will be directed to the appropriate staff or volunteer. Prayer requests are received by Fairlawn staff members and will be shared with the congregation when requested and appropriate.

Want to receive regular communication from us?

Flocknote is our church communication tool. You can choose to receive our weekly bulletin, sign up for notes from groups/teams, or just receive important announcements about church/ministry cancellations. You can opt out at any time. Sign up with your info below or login to your existing account to update your information or join a new group.

We also have an app! Download the Church Center App and select Fairlawn! The app gives you quick access to our website, small groups, teams, registrations and giving!

The Church Center app is VERY customizable. If you have a question, please ask. Here are some quick guides to common uses/questions.

Step-by-Step RSVP instructions:

Login to the app

Groups & Teams - bottom menu

Select the Group

Select Events - top menu

Click the upcoming event and RSVP

Control app notifications by group:

Select icon in upper right on Home Screen.

Scroll down list to Notifications.

Scroll down list to group.

You can turn them on and off for events, resources and in messaging you can choose to receive only from leaders, only the first message on a thread, none or all.

Within the group you can also silence specific message threads, perhaps an upcoming event is not relevant to you, by sliding right to left. You’ll see a mute option. 

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